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 +[[timote|{{ :​spotimote-48.png?​48|}}]]
 +====== Timote server configuration ======
 +Timote is designed to let you control the music playing from Spotify on your computer (Windows only), with your device (phone/​tablet).
 +\\ In order to do so, you need to:
 +\\ - Install the Timote server on your computer (available from http://​
 +\\ - Make sure your device and your computer are connected to the same local network (WiFi, Ethernet)
 +\\ Usually the Timote application is able to automatically detect the server but it may not work in some cases :
 +\\ - The router may block the protocol (multicast packets on address​5116) enabling Timote to automatically detect the server. You should configure the server manually
 +\\ - The antivirus may block incoming connections to the server. You should allow Timote in your antivirus settings.
 +\\ - The firewall may not be properly configured and may also block incoming connections to the server. You should configure the firewall
 +\\ - The router may be preventing data exchange between the WiFi and the Ethernet networks. You should update your router configuration.
 +\\ - The router or the internet box needs to be restarted (some users encountered problems with the SFR box and a restart resolved the issue)
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