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Timote server configuration

Timote is designed to let you control the music playing from Spotify on your computer (Windows only), with your device (phone/tablet).

In order to do so, you need to:
- Install the Timote server on your computer (available from
- Make sure your device and your computer are connected to the same local network (WiFi, Ethernet)

Usually the Timote application is able to automatically detect the server but it may not work in some cases :
- The router may block the protocol (multicast packets on address enabling Timote to automatically detect the server. You should configure the server manually
- The antivirus may block incoming connections to the server. You should allow Timote in your antivirus settings.
- The firewall may not be properly configured and may also block incoming connections to the server. You should configure the firewall
- The router may be preventing data exchange between the WiFi and the Ethernet networks. You should update your router configuration.
- The router or the internet box needs to be restarted (some users encountered problems with the SFR box and a restart resolved the issue)

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