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 +[[timote|{{ :​spotimote-48.png?​48|}}]]
 +====== Favorites ======
 +\\ The Timote favorites lets you maintain a list of Spotify "​items"​ you want to quickly access:
 +  * Tracks
 +  * Albums
 +  * Artists
 +  * Playlists
 +\\ To add items to the favorites from your computer :
 +  * Make sure Timote is connected to the server
 +  * On your phone, go to the favorites screen
 +  * In Spotify on your computer, right click on the item to add (can be a track, a playlist, an artist or an album)
 +  * Select the "Copy URI" option
 +  * On your phone, Timote will display a dialog to add the selected item to the favorites.
 +\\ Favorites are stored on the server, not on the phone.
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