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 +[[timote|{{ :​spotimote-48.png?​48|}}]] 
 +====== Configure Firewall ====== 
 +\\ When Timote is launched for the first time, the Windows firewall may prompt a window asking the user whether or not Timote server should be allowed to access the network. 
 +\\ You should allow Timote if you want it to work: 
 +\\ {{:​firewall.png?​600|}} 
 +\\ If you clicked cancel or didn't allow Timote for "​private networks",​ then you'll have to modify the Windows firewall configuration. 
 +\\ Go to the Windows control panel: 
 +\\ {{:​firewall1.png?​600|}} 
 +\\ Select the "​System and Security"​ option: 
 +\\ {{:​firewall2.png?​600|}} 
 +\\ Click on "​Windows Firewall":​ 
 +\\ {{:​firewall3.png?​600|}} 
 +\\ Then click on "​Advanced settings":​ 
 +\\ {{:​firewall4.png?​600|}} 
 +\\ In the "​inbound rules",​ right click on Timote and select the "​properties"​ option: 
 +\\ {{:​firewall5.png?​600|}} 
 +\\ Select the "allow the connection"​ action and click Ok: 
 +\\ {{:​firewall6.png?​600|}} 
 +\\ You'll have to do this for both Timote rules. Once it's done, restart the Timote server and your device should be able to connect to it.
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