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 +[[timote|{{ :​spotimote-48.png?​48|}}]]
 +====== Configure connection manually ======
 +\\ In some cases (when the auto server discovery doesn'​t work), you may want to configure the server manually. In order to do so, follow the steps :
 +===== Retrieve server'​s ip address =====
 +\\ Click on the Windows button, type "​cmd"​ and click on the cmd program:
 +\\ {{:​server_ip1.png?​450|}} ​ {{:​win8_spotimote_cmd.png?​450|}}
 +\\ A command line window should appear:
 +\\ {{:​server_ip2.png?​450|}} ​ {{:​win8_spotimote_cmd_2.png?​450|}}
 +\\ Type "​ipconfig"​ and press enter:
 +\\ {{:​server_ip3.png?​450|}} ​ {{:​win8_spotimote_ipconfig.png?​450|}}
 +\\ Network information should appear in the window. There you should see your "​IPv4"​ address. This the one we will use on the phone.
 +\\ ===== Configure the server on your device =====
 +\\ Launch Timote and select the '​Servers'​ option:
 +\\ {{:​screenshot_2014-05-06-16-16-21.png?​300|}} ​ {{:​screenshot_2014-05-06-16-16-33_-_copie.png?​300|}}
 +\\ Click on the add button to add a new server:
 +\\ {{:​screenshot_2014-05-06-16-24-43.png?​300|}}
 +\\ Fill the server information. Assign a name to the server and use the ip address retrieved from the computer as the server address and press ok when it's done:
 +\\ {{:​screenshot_2014-05-06-16-25-08.png?​300|}} ​  ​{{:​screenshot_2014-05-06-16-17-42.png?​300|}}
 +\\ The server should appear in the servers list. Click on the server name to force a connection. If it doesn'​t work, click on the server icon:
 +\\ {{:​screenshot_2014-05-06-16-25-48.png?​300|}}
 +\\ Then select the "​info"​ option:
 +\\ {{:​screenshot_2014-05-06-16-16-33.png?​300|}}
 +\\ It will display the error encountered by Timote while trying to connect to the server:
 +\\ {{:​screenshot_2014-05-06-16-25-58.png?​300|}}
 +\\ Usually a time out error is encountered in the following cases :
 +\\   - The phone and the server are not connected on the same local network
 +\\   - The Timote server is not launched
 +\\   - The ip address is incorrect
 +\\   - The firewall is blocking the Timote server
 +\\   - The antivirus is blocking the Timote server
 +\\   - The router blocks connections
 +\\   - The router or the internet box needs to be restarted (some users encountered problems with the SFR box and a restart resolved the issue)
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