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Configure connection manually

In some cases (when the auto server discovery doesn't work), you may want to configure the server manually. In order to do so, follow the steps :

Retrieve server's ip address

Click on the Windows button, type “cmd” and click on the cmd program:

A command line window should appear:

Type “ipconfig” and press enter:

Network information should appear in the window. There you should see your “IPv4” address. This the one we will use on the phone.

Configure the server on your device

Launch Timote and select the 'Servers' option:

Click on the add button to add a new server:

Fill the server information. Assign a name to the server and use the ip address retrieved from the computer as the server address and press ok when it's done:

The server should appear in the servers list. Click on the server name to force a connection. If it doesn't work, click on the server icon:

Then select the “info” option:

It will display the error encountered by Timote while trying to connect to the server:

Usually a time out error is encountered in the following cases :
- The phone and the server are not connected on the same local network
- The Timote server is not launched
- The ip address is incorrect
- The firewall is blocking the Timote server
- The antivirus is blocking the Timote server
- The router blocks connections
- The router or the internet box needs to be restarted (some users encountered problems with the SFR box and a restart resolved the issue)

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